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One of my goals this year was to read more, so I saved up and purchased every book in my Amazon cart. If I can't find what I'm looking for at the used bookstore near my house,  Amazon usually gives me the option of buying it pre-owned, which I really like (reduce, reuse, recycle!) Here are three books I'm currently reading between classes and before bed:   HOW LONG IS NOW? This is like the sophisticated version of Uncle John's bathroom reader- this book answers questions you probably haven't even thought of yet, by credible sources. Interesting and thought-provoking, it offers a little something for everyone, from the human body to animals, automobiles to physics. Because who doesn't want to know why Zebras actually have stripes? Purchase here.   HAPPINESS THE MINDFUL WAY I…

Happiness Secrets, Lifestyle

Happiness Secrets: Experiences Over Things


The "Happiness Secrets" series will focus on small changes that I've started to implement into my own life, that I've found make me an overall happier person. "Wealth is the ability to truly experience life." -- Henry David Thorea (Inspired by this article written by Taryn Stenvei.) It has been scientifically proven that we are more satisfied after spending our hard earned money on experiences. It's not just the immediate satisfaction, but the lasting effect, that proves this. We are happier to collect stories and memories- we have more "storage space" for them in our minds than we have space in our homes for stuff. Problem I'm currently studying business in college, and one thing we've been taught is that consumers often experience buyer's remorse, aka, "the state of unease which exists in the customer's mind after…


Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner


I haven't always had a great relationship with food. When I was younger, I used to only eat out of one of those divider plates- nothing could touch. Throughout my teenage years, I struggled with loving myself. The anger that that caused was channeled into a hatred for food. Over the past couple years, our relationship has drastically improved, and I'm extremely grateful for that because as it turns out, I love food. I eat a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet, but due to my past, I've stopped labeling myself. I feed my body what it wants, when it wants, making sure to get my energy from local, organic sources when possible. During the colder months, I incorporate more carbs because I find it keeps me warmer throughout the day, so here's a day's worth of food +…


Inspired By: Women On Instagram

Mimi Liashiry

I love Instagram. I've discovered so many beautiful people, places, and products through my scrolling. Whenever I need a little creative boost (and I don't have enough time to explore), I can usually find it there. I wanted to put together a list of my favorite accounts, specifically run by women I admire. When feminine energy presents itself so boldly, magic happens. From entrepreneurs to artists, athletes to models, these 11 accounts emit the vibes that I adore the most.   @innikachoo Innika Choo is an Australian born, Bali-based designer that creates dreamy smocks and dresses (find them here). I love her Instagram not only for the stunning pictures, but for her insanely witty captions as well.   @thanimara Thani Mara is an artist based in Barcelona. She specializes in stunning pencil drawings, while her…