- Month: June 2017 -


Top 3 Cruelty Free Tanning Products + Tips


I love having a tan. Not only do I find that I look healthier, but it makes my eyes/teeth a shade brighter without having to use Facetune! It's important to me that I use cruelty-free products, and to also find products that are as organic as possible. So here are my top 3 sunless tanning options for every seasons and situation, that won't leave you looking like a giant carrot. Sukin Sunless Bronzing Gel $17.95 I use this product in the winter because I get really, really pale, and it delivers an overnight glow on Monday that lasts until Friday. I like using the gel because a little goes a long way, and a whole bottle will last me a few months. Purchase here.   EcoTan Invisible Tan $39.95 This is my go-to summer product, and…