- Month: August 2017 -


10 Things I Learned During My First Year Of College

  College- the years that everyone claims will be the best of your life. The freedom and independence that every young adult craves, combined with the pressures of setting the foundation for your future. It can seem just as exciting as it does daunting, but fear not- I've put together a list of 10 things I learned at college to not only make the most of your experience, but to ease some of the anxiety associated with a big change.   1. You're going to meet people, I promise. I met my roommates on Kijiji. It sounds kind of sketchy, but it couldn't have worked out better- they're like my sisters. I met some more friends on the first day of class- we were all late and sat together in the only empty seats, then…


Inspired By: Women On Instagram (Artist Edition)


I love seeing women succeed with their passions- it gives me great hope than one day I will too. This post was actually inspired by the book, In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney (you can purchase it here), which is full of short interviews with over 100 makers, artists, and entrepreneurs. I would love to interview each of these women one day, but for now I'll just rave about their amazing artistic abilities while I eat mango sherbert on my couch.   Lindsey @ EUCCA Floral Florist Instagram: Eucca I'm completely obsessed with succulents, so it's no surprise that when Eucca popped up on my Instagram, I was enthralled. Lindsey's floral arrangements are as gorgeous as they are unique, and they make me want to throw a party just so I can order…