- Month: October 2017 -


5 Things I’ll Be Drinking Over Thanksgiving Weekend (Besides Wine)


I drove 10 hours by myself for a meal. Yes, my neck hurts. Yes, gas prices were ridiculous. Yes, I'm really upset that I have to do it all over again on Tuesday. Still totally worth it. Thanksgiving in my house isn't really a celebration of anything religious or political. All it is is an excuse to eat well and be surrounded by the people we love. It also seems to be the perfect excuse to over-indulge- from mashed potatoes to pie, baileys to beer, my weekend is full of "treat yourself" moments that are heavenly in the moment, but leave me feeling uncomfortably nauseous for days afterward. So this year, I decided to try and avoid the inevitable feeling of what-have-I-done come Tuesday, and invest in some quality, health-conscious beverages to power through the celebrations.  …