I Quit Washing My Hair – Review of New Wash by Hairstory

I used to work as a receptionist in a hair salon, and since that job, I’ve been searching for the perfect product combination that will give me healthy, flawless hair. It’s also important to me that these products are not tested on animals, and don’t consist of harmful chemicals. Through extensive research, I came to the realization that it wasn’t about adding products to my routine, it was about getting rid of them.

With that in mind, I stumbled across Hairstory, a hair care line consisting of 4 products. Their ingredient list is broken down on their website so you know exactly what’s in the products. Hairstory has set out to reveal the awful truth about shampoo, and how their product compares. They have a ton of information backing up why you should ditch shampoo and conditioner combos in favor of their product, but instead of me trying to explain it, watch the video below!

Receiving & Unboxing

I decided to get the New Wash Club order- it’s $90 and comes with 20oz of product and an aluminum pump dispenser. It also comes with a bonus travel size bottle. I ordered the product on October 27th and received on November 4th, which is very fast considering it was free shipping to Canada from the US.

new wash

First Use

I used about 7 pumps to completely coat my hair (you can never use too much they say) and I massaged my scalp thoroughly. It smelt nice, like an essential oil I couldn’t quite pin, and the texture felt almost like a body lotion. I also used a wide tooth comb to distribute evenly, which I would recommend doing.

I let it sit in my hair for about 5 minutes and then rinsed. This isn’t the “rinsing” where you leave a little bit of conditioner on your ends to help with frizz- you rinse it all out. My first thought was that it felt like clean wet hair. It wasn’t squeaky clean or knotted like it normally was after shampooing. I’ll admit, it was weird skipping the conditioner step.

I let my hair air dry, and the first thing  I noticed were curls I’ve never seen before. Another thing to note was the volume. I had a dinner to go to, so I blow dried my bangs and went out. I did a mirror check almost every hour, and it looked great. Lots of texture, and I didn’t have to wash it again for a full 36 hours.

2 Week Update

I washed my hair on Thursday morning- it is now Sunday night. I still feel like I could stretch it another day. The texture is great, and I have less frizz at my ends. My hair feels less oily at the roots (it normally feels greasy by day two) and I’ve stopped using a straightener because I really like the curls. So far, so good!

1 Month Update

It’s been one month of using New Wash. For a long time, I had this extremely itchy spot right at the crown of my head, but the irritation has almost disappeared. I have not used any product (oils, creams) except for the occasional spritz of hairspray, and I’ve noticed that there is no buildup or residue from using New Wash. I am also only using 3 pumps now, 4 if I find my hair needs a deep clean. The bottle is still at least half full- I don’t feel like I’m using too much product or “wasting” it.

End of the Bottle

I’ve just finished the bottle, which lasted just over two months. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with Hairstory. I had to use regular shampoo and conditioner once or twice when I forgot my travel size bottle, and my hair just looked dull and greasy by day two. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to stop “washing” their hair, and I’d love to try more of their products at some point!


This post was in no way sponsored by Hairstory. I’ll be doing more reviews of co-washes throughout the year- stay tuned for my thoughts on Briogeo Avocado Quinoa Co-Wash!

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