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Easy DIY Hot Chocolate Jars

DIY Hot Chocolate

This year, I really wanted to spend time making presents that I'd be giving to friends and family. Homemade gifts are such a nice idea, especially if they feel personal. I also wanted the idea to be something that didn't just sit on the shelf taking up space- I wanted it to serve a purpose and be useful. It would need to be something that everyone on my list would enjoy, but also something that wouldn't break my budget. With the help of Pinterest and my friend Taylor (she's the best for brainstorming sessions), I decided I would make little jars of hot chocolate! It was so easy, and I only spent about $25 making 16 of them. Read on to see how I did it!   Jars: Dollarama ($3 for a 4 pack) Cocoa Powder…

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Gift Wrapping Inspo

This year I decided to give myself some creative freedom and wrap all my presents differently. My holiday Pinterest board helped to inspire me, and now I want to inspire you! I think everyone's to-do list this week includes gift wrapping, so here are a few simple DIY ideas to help you get started. Gold Painted I got my inspiration from this post by My Domaine. I took a flat tipped paint brush and some gold paint, laid it out flat, and painted until I got the desired effect. The faster you go, the better. All Wrapped Up I liked this effect so much, I used it on two presents! I just picked up some string from HomeSense and wrapped it around the package multiple times. I also added a few Christmas-y details that I found…

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DIY Floating Closet + Inspiration

I recently moved to Ottawa, and I live in a 4 bedroom townhouse with three other people and our 2 dogs. My room is 9X10, which is a little small, but I lucked out with an east facing window! (I'll explain more about the importance of that in another post.) The closet can hold exactly 15 hangers and has two shelves- not nearly enough for all my treasures! I had to think creatively if I was going to be able to keep everything in order. So I wandered over to Home Depot and picked up a copper tube (in the plumbing aisle), some copper wire, and some ceiling hooks. The bill came to about $15, and with an Urban Outfitters aesthetic in mind, I set out to make a floating closet. I borrowed my roommate's drill!…