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Inspired By: Fashion Magazine Covers

I love magazines. I always have and I always will. I remember reading Cosmo Girl when I was 8, later graduating to Cosmo by 14. I then fell in love with Vogue, but after some time I developed a complete obsession with Porter. I'm drawn to the photographs, but it's the well-written articles that keep me interested. I tried switching to an e-reader once, but it's just not the same- I don't feel nearly as glamourous reading a Next Issue version as I sunbathe. I once asked my mom why the women (and sometimes men) in these magazines wore such vibrant outfits (I'm pretty sure I used the word crazy, not vibrant). She explained that these women (and men) usually didn't wear the outfits in public and that their purpose was to inspire people. I remember…

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Ethical Fashion + Free Leggings

Fast Fashion - noun refers to the expedited production process in order to get new trends into the market as quickly and cheaply as possible. Examples: H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Topshop   I love to shop, but I've recently learned that the garment industry contributes greatly to our ever growing list of climate issues. According to EcoWatch, it's the second largest carbon dioxide polluter in the world (oil is the first). Not only is our throwaway culture terrible for waste, but a lot of the methods used to make this type of clothing are extremely toxic to the Earth and to the industry employees. Another big issue surrounding fast fashion is the humanitarian issues. Sweat shops and child labor still exist- Thailand, India, China, Cambodia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Vietnam are some of the countries with…

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DIY Floating Closet + Inspiration

I recently moved to Ottawa, and I live in a 4 bedroom townhouse with three other people and our 2 dogs. My room is 9X10, which is a little small, but I lucked out with an east facing window! (I'll explain more about the importance of that in another post.) The closet can hold exactly 15 hangers and has two shelves- not nearly enough for all my treasures! I had to think creatively if I was going to be able to keep everything in order. So I wandered over to Home Depot and picked up a copper tube (in the plumbing aisle), some copper wire, and some ceiling hooks. The bill came to about $15, and with an Urban Outfitters aesthetic in mind, I set out to make a floating closet. I borrowed my roommate's drill!…