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Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner


I haven't always had a great relationship with food. When I was younger, I used to only eat out of one of those divider plates- nothing could touch. Throughout my teenage years, I struggled with loving myself. The anger that that caused was channeled into a hatred for food. Over the past couple years, our relationship has drastically improved, and I'm extremely grateful for that because as it turns out, I love food. I eat a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet, but due to my past, I've stopped labeling myself. I feed my body what it wants, when it wants, making sure to get my energy from local, organic sources when possible. During the colder months, I incorporate more carbs because I find it keeps me warmer throughout the day, so here's a day's worth of food +…

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Favorite Eats – Thailand + Bali

Traveling to Thailand and Bali was one of the best experiences of my life- I like to relive it over and over again every time I go through my photo albums. A lot of my friends are traveling to this area of the world soon, so I wanted to put together a list of my favorite restaurants and street food finds just in case they need a little dinner inspiration! WARNING: This post will make you hungry, so I suggest preparing a snack before reading on.   UBUD - BALI Taco Casa: Fresh, non-GMO, preservative free ingredients. We ended up eating here twice because it was so good. A meal for two people was only $13.   Le Moulin: French restaurant with the most incredible crepes. Go here for desert. My favorite was the peach…

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Easy DIY Hot Chocolate Jars

DIY Hot Chocolate

This year, I really wanted to spend time making presents that I'd be giving to friends and family. Homemade gifts are such a nice idea, especially if they feel personal. I also wanted the idea to be something that didn't just sit on the shelf taking up space- I wanted it to serve a purpose and be useful. It would need to be something that everyone on my list would enjoy, but also something that wouldn't break my budget. With the help of Pinterest and my friend Taylor (she's the best for brainstorming sessions), I decided I would make little jars of hot chocolate! It was so easy, and I only spent about $25 making 16 of them. Read on to see how I did it!   Jars: Dollarama ($3 for a 4 pack) Cocoa Powder…

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Why You Should Switch To A French Press

Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia around 800 A.D.; can you imagine ever having to wake up without your warm, comforting boost of energy? The world drinks over 500 billion cups of coffee per year, so it comes as no surprise to hear that it's the second most traded commodity on Earth, right after crude oil. When I think about coffee I think of chic Italians drinking espresso by the canal. I think of the morning commuters in New York at their favorite local cafe. I think of catching up with friends over Sunday brunch. Coffee itself is a culture, one that is spread out all over the world. (source: Vogue) But coffee has changed. Gone are the days of the percolator and traditional espresso makers, replaced by the ever-evolving Nespresso and Keurig single-serve systems. Not only are they easy to…