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Happiness Secrets: Experiences Over Things


The "Happiness Secrets" series will focus on small changes that I've started to implement into my own life, that I've found make me an overall happier person. "Wealth is the ability to truly experience life." -- Henry David Thorea (Inspired by this article written by Taryn Stenvei.) It has been scientifically proven that we are more satisfied after spending our hard earned money on experiences. It's not just the immediate satisfaction, but the lasting effect, that proves this. We are happier to collect stories and memories- we have more "storage space" for them in our minds than we have space in our homes for stuff. Problem I'm currently studying business in college, and one thing we've been taught is that consumers often experience buyer's remorse, aka, "the state of unease which exists in the customer's mind after…

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Happiness Secrets – Stop Taking It Personally

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The "Happiness Secrets" series will focus on small mentality changes that I've started to implement into my own life, that I've found make me an overall happier person. “It is not about controlling your thoughts, it is about guiding your thoughts more in the direction you are wanting to go in.” - Abraham-Hicks Why do we take things personally? It's really a combination of reasons, one of them being low self-esteem: people with low self-esteem will genuinely believe that someone's actions are a personal attack against them. For example; Friend A calls Friend B. Friend B doesn't answer because they're busy in a lunch/at work etc. Friend A is upset because they don't feel like they're important, and that Friend B must also share that belief. Friend A continues to believe these negative thoughts, while Friend…

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Happiness Secrets: Finding Direction In Your Life

Looking back on the past few years of my life, I don't have many regrets. They were tough years to get through, and I learned a lot of valuable lessons, but the biggest thing that I wish I could change about that time was the amount of energy I put into worrying about where my life was going. I was so stressed out and anxious about the direction I thought I was supposed to have. Now, I feel like I'm in a really good place, and I want to share with you 10 tips that helped me find direction in my life, in the hopes that they can help you find some in yours.   Accept the fact that finding direction will not happen overnight. This is a journey, not a day trip. It…