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Fast Fashion – noun

refers to the expedited production process in order to get new trends into the market as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Examples: H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Topshop


I love to shop, but I’ve recently learned that the garment industry contributes greatly to our ever growing list of climate issues. According to EcoWatch, it’s the second largest carbon dioxide polluter in the world (oil is the first). Not only is our throwaway culture terrible for waste, but a lot of the methods used to make this type of clothing are extremely toxic to the Earth and to the industry employees.

Another big issue surrounding fast fashion is the humanitarian issues. Sweat shops and child labor still exist- Thailand, India, China, Cambodia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Vietnam are some of the countries with the highest rates of human and labor rights violations. But there are ways you can help, and though you may not think one person can change the world, one person always ends up turning into more, simply by spreading the word.

(I really like Kristen Leo’s blog and Youtube channel, she does a great job of breaking these issues down and explaining them, offering several tips on how to start shopping ethically!)

One of my goals this year is to shop responsibly- to know where my products are coming from, who made them, what they’re made of etc. I’m also trying to get out of the whole “throwaway culture” mindset. Investment pieces that I will wear for years and years will trump over cheap, trendy pieces that fall apart after one wash. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite brands that I think are both stylish and ethical. Check them out below!


(Pima Stretch Turtleneck – $30)


For: High-Quality Classic Pieces

Everlane is an online only store that focuses on breaking down exactly why you pay what you pay for their products. They are dedicated to working with the best factories all over the world, and show you exactly where on their handy factory map. Their 100% Human collection is also on my radar right now, with my sights set on the pullover sweater! 


(Zady Silk Dress in Soft Pink – $300)


For: Business Casual

Zady’s mission is all about product, people and planet. Zady produces high-quality garments that won’t fall apart in your hands after one wash, and they describe in detail how each and every product is made, where it was made etc. They’re also having a 30% off sale right now! 


(Ophelia Dress, $278)

The Reformation

For: Special Occasion Outfits

Probably my favorite brand on the list, The Reformation is very conscious when it comes to the ethics of their clothing. They track the environmental footprint of every item made, as well as design and manufacture the majority of their items in downtown L.A (everything else is sourced from responsible manufacturing companies in the U.S. and abroad). Bonus: They’re big on using sustainable fabrics.

(Rocker Garment Dyed Distressed Tshirt – $38.00)

Alternative Apparel

For: Solid Basics

A certified Green Business, this brand uses low-impact, non-toxic dyes for their clothing, all the while making over 70% of their garments with sustainable materials and processes. Their factories are certified with the FRA and WRAP to ensure fair and safe working conditions. And, they’re having a 25% off sale!



(Cream Cara Shoes – $105.00)

Beyond Skin

For: All Shoes

Born in 2001, this gorgeous cruelty-free line of footwear has won many awards. All of their shoes are made in Spain using the highest quality materials while also being conscious about their carbon footprint. They are also the only footwear line using “dinamica”, a faux suede material made from 100% recycled PET plastics.


Girlfriend Collective

For: Athletic Leggings

Girlfriend Collective just recently launched their line of high-quality athletic leggings, and instead of spending money on advertising, they’re giving you your first pair for free. Every pair of leggings is made with 25 recycled plastic bottles, and on top of that, the fabric is BPA free. Their impressive manufacturing and factory standards are all listed here and here.

Get your free pair of Girlfriend Collective leggings HERE, just pay for shipping!



If you have a favorite brand that you’re looking to know more about, head on over to  Project JUST, an online platform that compiles all the sourced data into one place for your convenience.

I strongly believe that our generation is finally realizing the full impact that we, as humans, have on the planet. We are slowly starting to make it one of our top priorities to be kinder to the Earth, because we realize the importance of preserving it. The more we show the fashion industry that we care about these issues, the more they’ll listen.

So let’s keep talking- what brands do you feel good about shopping with?


This post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by any of the brands stated above. Everything in this article is my own opinion. 


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