5 Things I’ll Be Drinking Over Thanksgiving Weekend (Besides Wine)

I drove 10 hours by myself for a meal. Yes, my neck hurts. Yes, gas prices were ridiculous. Yes, I’m really upset that I have to do it all over again on Tuesday. Still totally worth it.

Thanksgiving in my house isn’t really a celebration of anything religious or political. All it is is an excuse to eat well and be surrounded by the people we love. It also seems to be the perfect excuse to over-indulge- from mashed potatoes to pie, baileys to beer, my weekend is full of “treat yourself” moments that are heavenly in the moment, but leave me feeling uncomfortably nauseous for days afterward. So this year, I decided to try and avoid the inevitable feeling of what-have-I-done come Tuesday, and invest in some quality, health-conscious beverages to power through the celebrations.



Post-travel: WAIĀKEA Hawaiin Volcanic Water

This water is the best to combat the dehydration associated with travel. Filtered through porous volcanic rock, this naturally alkaline water contains electrolytes and is enriched with minerals like potassium and sodium. Plus, they’re a company who gives back.

Check them out here.



The Morning Of: 1915 Organic Cold Pressed Juice

In preparation for the copious amounts of food I’m going to be consuming, I’ll be starting my day off with this light and nutritious half juice half smoothie. This little baby is guaranteed to wake me up and give me just the right amount of energy to learn how to make stuffing, since my mom is very determined to teach me this year.

Learn more about all their flavors here.



Right Before Dinner: NessAlla Kombucha

My friends make fun of me for my obsession with kombucha, but it’s replaced ginger ale for first place on my list of favorite fizzy drinks, for good reason. Perfect to drink on an empty stomach, kombucha’s healthy bacteria aids in digestion, helping you avoid the Pepto Bismol treatment after asking for thirds.

Check out NessAlla here.



After Supper: Detox Water

After a meal heavy with salt and sugar, it’s good to rehydrate and flush the excess out. Detox Water is so light and refreshing, almost like a juice, but has the added benefit of aloe, which is clinically proven to support immune function, healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and youthful-looking skin.

If you’re not into Lychee White Grape, I’m sure you’ll find another flavor you like here.



The Morning After: Function

I won’t lie, I usually get pretty drunk after my food coma nap, which makes for one wicked hangover come Monday morning. Normally I would reach for a Gatorade, but it’s been too sweet for my taste buds lately, so I’m happy to have found a healthier alternative. With powerful organic ingredients like prickly pear, ginger and turmeric, this bad boy will help reduce the effects of dehydration, naturally.

Check out their full line here.


This post was in no way sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above. Happy Thanksgiving! xx 



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