Inspired By: Women On Instagram (Artist Edition)

I love seeing women succeed with their passions- it gives me great hope than one day I will too. This post was actually inspired by the book, In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney (you can purchase it here), which is full of short interviews with over 100 makers, artists, and entrepreneurs. I would love to interview each of these women one day, but for now I’ll just rave about their amazing artistic abilities while I eat mango sherbert on my couch.



Lindsey @ EUCCA Floral


Instagram: Eucca

I’m completely obsessed with succulents, so it’s no surprise that when Eucca popped up on my Instagram, I was enthralled. Lindsey’s floral arrangements are as gorgeous as they are unique, and they make me want to throw a party just so I can order some.



Rosie Sayers

Digital Artist

Instagram: rosiesayersdesign

I first saw Rosie’s page when she was reposted by one of my favorite ladies on Instagram, Lilikoi (read about her in my Inspired By: Women On Instagram post here). Her mystical digital collages bring a sense of otherworldly, wild-and-free wanderlust that makes me want to buy a ticket to Mars (but only if I can roam the planet alone, naked, and surrounded by lush vegetation).



Courtney Page


Instagram: fiapea

With a very distinct style, Courtney is able to capture the essence of women of all ethnicities. My favorite portraits include this one of Alicia Keys, this one of Zoey Deutch, and this one of Margaret Zhang’s Elle Magazine cover (also pictured below).



Sam Malpass


Instagram: badwaycreative

Sam is known for her paintings, though she does practice many other mediums, including photography and design. Her laid back surfer girl vibe spoke to me the minute I stumbled across her account, and since then I’ve felt a mix of envy and awe as she documents herself teaching classes, painting massive murals and traveling the world.



Charmaine Olivia


Instagram: charmaineolivia

A fan of all things rainbow and sparkly, Charmaine Olivia has painted many incredible pieces, seemingly inspired by the divine feminine. My fav’s include this golden mermaid pixie illustration and pretty much everything else. (Note: she tweeted at me once and it made my whole life.)



Carrie Brassard


Instagram: northernwarmth

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Carrie recently at my local farmer’s market, and I purchased one of her unique crochet bralettes as soon as I saw it. She has a wide range of beautiful products (which make excellent gifts) and get this- she doesn’t follow patterns at all. Yup, you read that right- she does it all by eye! Talk about talent.



Mari Andrew


Instagram: bymariandrew

I feel like Mari is illustrating my life, but it’s actually her life, which is actually better because now I don’t feel so crazy/alone/crazy. She is SO RELATEABLE, which makes her simple yet meaningful illustrations that much more enjoyable.



Margaret Zhang


Instagram: margaret_zhang

The list wouldn’t be complete without a photographer, and who better than Margaret Zhang. She is extremely talented, and her Instagram stories are always amazing/unique/beyond any other artistic ability that I could ever dream of possessing. Plus, she looks good in front of the camera too.



Olivia Au


Instagram: oliviaumeiwa

It’s all about the eyes, and Olivia Au definitely knows how to get creative with them. Each one is different in a very unique way- I’m astonished that she hasn’t run out of ideas yet!



Carla Cascales Alimbau


Instagram: carlacascales_

I came across Carla’s page right before finishing this post, so I had to make the list one lady longer. Her clean, minimalist designs are simply stunning, and I want to own a home just so I can buy something and have a place to put it.


Who are your favorite female artists? Leave me their links below, I’d love to check them out!



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    Beautiful Sophia!! I love these ones too…

    Love Mom

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      Thanks, Mom! Checking these out now xx

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